2012 Lincoln Town Car Preview

2012-lincoln-town-car When Ford announced the closing of the St. Thomas plant, many expected that to spell the end of the Lincoln Town Car. But Ford proved those expectations premature when they instead decided to replace it with the all-new Lincoln MKT Town Car manufactured in Canada.

Upcoming Release for the Town Car

As we see the first of these MKTs roll out for an August 2011 release, those fears seem like a distant dream for some. The polished result is every bit as exciting now as it was when Ford first showed it off at the 2011 International Limousine, Charter and Tour show in Las Vegas.

Body Style of 2012 Lincoln Town Car

The new chauffeur-dedicated Lincoln Town Car brings with it some big changes. Ford wants to win over that next generation. In doing so, we lose many of the classic town car body characteristics and find them replaced with aspects inspired by the Lincoln MKT. But Ford never loses sight of the Town Car tradition, and although you can’t always see it, you can always feel it.

Body Styles of Ford Town Car

Ford offers the new Town Car in two body styles. The standard body style is the Livery. The second is the Limousine or Limo Edition. The Limo rolls off the production line substantially longer than the standard edition, and customers can special order it as long as 120 inches over the length of the Livery.

Safety Features

In terms of safety features, the new Town Car is a huge upgrade over the old. In addition to front-seat airbags standard, clients get standard side-curtain airbags, which weren't even optional on previous Town Cars. The 2012 model also has antilock brakes, stability control and traction control. Hi-tech features include rearview camera, blind spot monitoring and Sync with voice-activate controls.

Competition to the 2012 Lincoln Town Car

The 2012 Lincoln Town Car MKT is not a perfect replacement for the traditional town car. For starters, it's fleet-only and therefore not accessible to most consumers. It's also much more expensive than previous editions, which may be fine for businesses looking to impress clients.

Since the 2012 Lincoln Town Car is a specialty automobile, it doesn't have much direct competition. The closest would be vehicles like the Infiniti M and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. But at about $45K each, both of these are much more appealing to the average consumer than even the basic Livery edition.

Compared to aftermarket limousine conversions of vehicles like the E-Class, the Lincoln Town Car is a much more cost-effective option. And since it's factory-supported, should hold its value better.